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Hello, welcome to the Bed City’s home page! Here you you will find a menu that will help you learn more about Bed City and the products that we sell! We will not be beat on quality,price or Service! Your Mattress Store.

Bed City is at the foot of Signal Mountin in Chattanooga Tn! We have Queen Pillow Top Mattress Sets starting at $249.00.  We understand that your overal health depends on your ability to get a good nights sleep and we pride ourselves on not just selling you a bed, but finding the right solution for your neeods. Your overall health depends on a good night sleep!!

Come see the best Mattress Selection at our Chattanooga location!

  • Chattanooga Tn 423-718-6015


How Did You Sleep Last Night?

Getting a full eight hours doesn’t just make a difference the next day — it can affect your health

Research shows that sleeping too little — say, six hours a night or even less — can cause hormones such as leptin and ghrelin to go haywire. They’re prime actors in appetite regulation, and when we fail to get enough rest, cravings for calorie-laden food can be inflamed, sparking weight gain.

Sleep deprivation also affects insulin, the hormone pivotal to efficiently processing sugar. And that’s why scientists believe there’s a link between sleep loss and diabetes, a condition caused when insulin is out of whack.

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